our story

Our story began almost 10 years ago in a very small college town. We met in college and became best friends who couldn't do life without each other. Jacob was the country boy and I was the girl who grew up in the big city. After 7 years of marriage and many stories to tell, we have two beautiful babes and a renewed passion for marriage and the adventure that comes with it.


THE BEST decision from our wedding planning process was hiring a photographer AND videographer. There's honestly nothing better than sitting down together and remembering the commitment that we made 7 years ago. Wow, time goes by way too fast!


Now we get to provide our couples with the same blessing.


meet melly

Hello, I'm Melly! I am the one behind the camera taking  the pictures and doing ridiculous things to make you and your fiance smile & laugh til it hurts!

I grew up as a city girl in St. Louis and then went to college in a smaller town in Missouri. When Jacob and I met it was LITERAL culture shock! I'll never forget the first time I went home with him. You guys, I thought we were lost, haha! 

Fast forward, now I am a small town kind of girl and I wouldn't trade the simpler life for anything. Our life is all about adventure and making memories together. Life is way too short and we have learned that through some of the most difficult times. 

A few of my favorite things:

- I LOVE food. Chocolate is my jam.

-  Kayaking and floating on the river.

-  Staying up late and enjoying the quiet.

-  Traveling spontaneously

- Spending time with my girlfriends

- Shopping at TJ Max

meet jacob

Hey! I'm Jacob and I am married to the beautiful girl above. I am your videographer and drone pilot. Working alongside my wife is something I never thought was possible. God has blessed us with the ability to spend so much time together and I am so so thankful.

I grew up in a very small town with one traffic light. I enjoy the simplicity in life. Hunting, jeeping, kayaking, hiking and camping in the national forest is where you can find me.