two is better than one


Hello, we are so excited that you are here and interested in photo AND video! 

If you are on the fence and not sure if you want a wedding video, We HIGHLY encourage you to really think about it. When we got married the day went by SO fast and we wanted to be able to experience the day over and over. So, we hired a videographer. We actually had two of them because I (Melly)  wanted EVER SINGLE DETAIL documented.

If you are only interested in booking a Photography Collection the good news is that you will still have a super adorable engagement video to cherish the rest of your life. ALL of our brides who book us as their Photographers will get an adorable Engagement video included into their package. See some super cute examples below of what you and your fiancé could look like on camera.


 This is YOUR wedding and you deserve to remember it FULLY.