Ashton + Fisher Engagement

These two..

Whenever Ashton contacted me, she was so excited and was very excited that she had found me. (That makes a photographer's heart melt by the way!). After we had talked for awhile I realized that they were both going to school in Nebraska of all places and had found me online - Shout out to Wedding Wire!

So, since they were driving such a long ways we planned to go out into the beautiful mountains right before sunset to capture the most beautiful engagement ever. Well. unfortunately as the day approached, rain was still in the forecast and we had to change our plans. BUT, as you can see, I think their pictures are so beautiful and that rust colored dress was a knockout!

Even though it was raining (not a mist but actually rain) they were such troopers and kept a positive mindset the entire time even when I convinced them to go outside for a short amount of time at the very end. There was actually a point where I had to ask Fisher's dad to be my third arm so that we could keep them as dry as possible. Thank you Fisher's dad!

Love these two so much and cannot wait for their beautiful May wedding at the Kindred Barn!

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