Katelyn + Evan Engagement

Katelyn & Evan are one of those couples I could be friends with. They are super goofy and dorky just like me and they love like no one's watching. Whenever they contacted me,

Evan had already picked out the perfect place and they were so excited to show it to me! And let me tell you, the two hour drive was so worth it! We had gotten so lucky because it had just rained the day or two beforehand which meant the waterfall would be flowing really good (I know that because my husband loves waterfalls and every time it rains we go exploring).

Katelyn's ring. It. is. gorgeous. Evan, you did so well picking that out for your girl!

I am so looking forward to their wedding at Heritage Acres Venue next Spring! And Jessie from the venue is planning it! Eeekkk! It's going to be beautiful!

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