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Aren't they the cutest? I think so too! My husband Jacob and I have been married for 6 crazy, life changing, adventurous years. We got married on June 22, 2013 and ever since we said "I Do" we have been on a wild ride together. Oh, and did I mention we are parents to the MOST ADORABLE littles? Honestly, there are days I look at them and wonder how I got so lucky to be their momma.

We live in a small town in Central Arkansas and I love it! I grew up as a city girl in St. Louis for 19 years and then went to college in a smaller town in Missouri. When Jacob and I met it was LITERAL culture shock! I'll never forget the first time I went home with him. You guys, I thought we were lost, haha! 

Fast forward, now I am a small town kind of girl and I wouldn't trade the simpler life for anything. Our life is all about adventure and making memories together. Life is way too short and we have learned that through some of the most difficult times. 

A few extras things you should know!

- I am a band nerd at heart. Yes, I was that girl. I started playing piano in first grade and by 12th grade I could play just about any woodwind and thought I was a rockstar.

- I am not athletic, at all. I am super clumsy but thankfully I married an athlete AND a musician. Hello!

- I LOVE to eat. Yup.


- I drive a Jeep and so does the hubby. Did I mention we love to adventure?